Gam IKARO Spiral Dough Mixer 40 Litre Bowl Liftable Head

Model Number: IKARO 40LT

Dimensions: 480mm (width) x 800mm (depth) x 800mm (height)

IKARO is the first lift able head dough mixer in the World with a hooking system shaped like wings that can be Lowered or lifted in order to hook or unhook the head to the body of the machine.


  • Customers save time with IKARO’S ease of opening and closing – FIRST Wing Type liftable head dough mixer in the world
  • IKARO doesn’t’ have a handle that has to be screwed and unscrewed every time it has to be closed or opened. It’s effortless..
  • IKARO cannot start if is not perfectly closed either. This Means NO risk of damage to the gear which is a common problem with Spiral Mixers with a liftable head.
  • Longer life length of the machine and single components due to drastically reduced mechanical shock
  • IKARO shakes much less than other mixer. It is one the Quietest Spiral Mixers in the world given its technological advancements.
  • Easy to operate and within seconds the head is Lifted the Bowl removed.
  • Single phase, Single Speed 140 RPM Motor.
  • Entirely composed of a white steel structure and a stainless top. The personalised and modern lines give them a unique look. Constructed in 304 (AISI) grade stainless steel (bowl, lid and dough breaker)
  • Heavy Duty applications: The IKARO is ideal for the bakery or pizzeria which is used to work with high tempo for several hours per day.



  • Innovative head/body hooking system enhancing resistance, extending machine life and saving operator time.
  • Hooking system ensures Minimal shaking and vibration enabling the components to wear less and last longer.
  • The bowls, wire lid and the dough breakers are made of 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel and the kneading hook made of hand-forged stainless steel.
  • Heavy Duty Chain Driven Head and Bowl operation.
  • Timer controlled.
  • 25kg (dry flour capacity).
  • 38kg (finished dough).
  • 450 x 300mm (bowl dimensions).
  • Includes castors with brakes.


Model: IKARO 40L Liftable Head Dough Mixer 41Lt
Power Supply: 240 Volt, 1.5kw, with 10amp plug
External Dimensions : (480W x 800D x 800H)
Bowl Dimensions: Ø 450 x 260
Warranty: 2  Years  Parts  &  Labour