Skope TME 1500 3 Glass Door Vertical Fridge

Model Number: TME 1500-A

Dimensions: 1706mm (width) x 700mm (depth) x 2195mm (height)

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TME1500-A 3 Glass Door Display or Storage Fridge

Model ID: TME1500-A

Cut your power bills with ultra energy efficient ActiveCore technology. These spacious fridges are cooler, quieter, and built to last for busy food service and commercial kitchens.

Join thousands of customers across the globe by installing the TME Series for your business – the single biggest selling, multi-purpose storage cabinet on the market. The range of top mounted chillers and freezers is dependable and reliable, providing excellent value for money!


Dependable and reliable this series gives you excellent value for money.

Features & Benefits:

  • Uses 64% less energy than the previous model. Save $1,589 a year on power bills
  • Temperature range: 1°c to 4°c at ambient rating of 43°c
  • 5 adjustbla shelves + Base (6 levels of display
  • Lasts longer. Easy and efficient to service
  • Ideal for high humidity and warm environments
  • Chilled airflow cools products directly
  • Significantly reduced noise for a quieter working environment
  • Attractive modern designed aesthetic
  • Easy to install shelves, quick to set up, and adjust
  • Best suited to: Restaurants / Cafes, Clubs / Pubs / Bars, Quick Service Restaurants, Convenience / Petrol / Supermarkets, Hospitality / Venues, Accommodation, Schools, Medical / Aged Care


  • MEPS Category: M1
  • MEPS Efficiency (kWh/24h/m2) @ Climate Class 3: 4.95
  • TEC (kWh/24h) @ Climate Class 3: 8.07
  • High Efficiency
  • Total Display Area (m2): 1.63m2
  • Refrigerant / Charge: R134a, 475g
  • Electrical Power (kW): 1.15
  • Current draw (Amps): 4.8
  • 10 Amp single phase 3 pin plug supplied




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