Skope 900mm wide LOW HEIGHT Open Face Refrigerated Display

Model Number: OD400

Dimensions: 900mm wide x 660mm deep x 1400mm high

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Technical Features:


Providing optimal display space for your products and increasing your high-margin impulse sales.

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  • Display case illuminated by energy efficient fluorescent lights to optimise your product presentation.
  • Automatic frost detection and defrosting cycle for optimal defrost.
  • Removable front access SKOPE Cyclone refrigeration system makes servicing a breeze.
  • 322 Litres
  • Open serve display with 2 off adjustable shelves
  • Operating tempareture 0°c to +5°c in 25 °c ambient , up to 60% eltative humidity
  • Exterior White finish with optional black finish
  • Interior white or black
  • Maintnance free refrigeration system (patent pending)
  • Alarm sounds before the chiller temperature gets to high
  • Power save mode for non perishable products
  • Automatically detects and defrost the chiller for optimal defrost
  • Internal fluro lighting
  • Easy 10 amp power supply
  • Removable front eccess cyclone refrigeration system
  • Removable top sign and kick panels on OD1100


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