Skope Energy Efficient Double Glass Door Upright Freezer

Model Number: VF1000

Dimensions: 1130mm (width) x 710mm (depth) x 2195mm (height)

This new range of energy efficient premium freezers has been designed with new features to deliver greater performance, efficiency and reliability than ever before.


Upgraded refrigeration system for significantly improved energy efficiency, performance and noise reduction
Up to 37.5% more efficient than the previous TMEF1000 model
Electronic controller with stabilised temperature display
Optional illuminated LED sign panel to brand and advertise your products
Standard SKOPE Cyclone refrigeration system
Door alarm and ambient alarm as standard
Door switch and manual light switch as standard
Integral/Remote: Integral
Chiller/Freezer: Freezer
Gross Volume: 980 litres
Floor Area: 0.8 m2
Operating Temperature: -18°C to -21°C in 40°C