Skope Energy Efficient Single Glass Door Upright Freezer

Model Number: VF650

Dimensions: 740mm (width) x 710mm (depth) x 2195mm (height)

This new range of energy efficient premium freezers has been designed with new features to deliver greater performance, efficiency and reliability than ever before.


  • Upgraded refrigeration system for significantly improved energy efficiency, performance and noise reduction
  • Up to 35% more efficient than the previous TMEF650 model
  • Electronic controller with stabilised temperature display
  • Optional illuminated LED sign panel to brand and advertise your products
  • Standard SKOPE Cyclone refrigeration system
  • Door alarm and ambient alarm as standard
  • Door switch and manual light switch as standard
  • Integral/Remote: Integral
  • Chiller/Freezer: Freezer
  • Gross Volume: 610 litres
  • Floor Area: 0.53 m2
  • Operating Temperature: -18°C to -21°C in 40°C