Roband 15 amp Griddle Toaster

Model Number: GT500
Brand: Roband
Dimensions: 537mm Wide x 457mm Deep x 374mm High
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Griddle Toasters are the perfect combination machine to produce a great top toasting result, whilst precisely cooking your steaks, eggs, bacon or hamburgers on the griddle cooking plate. Each model within the Roband Griddle Toaster range has been engineered to maximise the performance of the machine in both the griddle and toasting functions.  They all feature separate elements for the heavy steel griddle plate as well as the toasting compartments to ensure consistent and optimal results across both functions. Three Griddle Toaster models are available:1)  GT480 – honed to provide maximum punch from 10 amps, catering to outlets that are limited by power supply, but still have a need for both griddle and top-toasting functions.

GT500 – slightly larger plate size than GT480 with more power and grunt. Designed for medium to fast paced food production.

  • Current : 15 amp single phase
  • Power: 3280 watts
  • Cooking surface: 515mm x 340mm



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