Roband Eclipse Bun & Slice Toaster ET315

Model Number: ET315
Brand: Roband
Dimensions: 480mm Wide x 485mm Deep x 400mm High
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Eclipse Bun & Snack Toasters

Providing ultimate toasting control for back-of-house kitchen staff, the Eclipse is designed for high speed bun toasting and toasting of small bread based snack items.

The machine provides precise and independent variable heat control of the top element and bottom element to enable users to produce the desired result on each side of their product. With a well- insulated toasting compartment, the Eclipse provides excellent heat retention ensuring efficient results. Additionally, the conveyor speed can be adjusted, between 20 seconds and 3 minutes toasting time, ensuring the perfect result tailored to the product toasted.

The Eclipse is supplied with a variety of standard accessories so that the machine set-up can cater to user requirements. Two entry chute options offer different entry angles to the toasting compartment, whilst the exit can be in either of two ways:

  • Return chute operation: where the toasted product returns to the front of the machine. This is the most efficient set up as the rear of the machine is entirely closed providing good heat retention. Return chute operation is the best  option for simple bun and bread toasting.
  • Pass through: where the toasted product exits the machine at the rear using an exit chute. This is ideal where a snack item with toppings such as par cooked pizza or garlic bread is being produced. Three different angles for the exit  chute ensure a solution to user requirements.


  • Modern brushed stainless steel construction
  • Independent and precise variable control of top and bottom element heat output
  • Solid State Electronics offer precise temperature control and greater component reliability creating the exact toasting environment to suit many products
  • Control of conveyor belt speed
  • Two entry chutes providing different entry angles, standard wire 48° or stainless steel 25°
  • Front entry, adjustable front return or pass through chute
  • Adjustable angle on rear chute – 3 angles (10°, 17.5°, 25°)
  • Dura-life stainless steel elements for prolonged element life
  • Removable crumb trays for easy cleaning
  • 40 mm entry chute clearance
  • Maximum toasting diameter up to:
    return chute 130 mm, pass-through 310 mm
Model Details:
Model Number Description Power Current Dimensions
(w x d x h) (mm)
Bread Slices per hour (up to)
Bun Halves per hour (up to)
ET310 Eclipse Toaster 2,300 Watts 10.0 Amps 480 x 485^ x 400^ 300* 270*
ET315 Eclipse Toaster 3,260 Watts 14.2 Amps 480 x 485^ x 400^ 500* 370*

*Variations may occur depending on voltage supply and bread product.
^Depth and height does not include protruding racks/chutes.



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