Model Number: Blixer 45
Dimensions: 760mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 1400mm High

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Control panel

• 0-15 minute timer. When the appliance is used, it automatically repeats the processing time selected on the previous occasion, unless the user sets a different one. • Stainless-steel control buttons flush
with the casing, making them easier to clean and longer lasting.• Safety indicator lights to ensure risk free use.
• Pulse control for greater cutting precision.

Lid • Transparent polycarbonate lid to
enable user to monitor processing.
• Watertight lid requiring a single
movement to lock it into position.
• Lid specially designed to direct liquid
back into processing bowl when
• Opening in centre of lid for adding
liquid or dry ingredients during
• Lid and seal designed to be
dismantled simply and quickly for
thorough cleaning.

Bowl scraper • To improve the turbulence
and consequently the
end-product consistency.

Bowl-base blade assembly Exclusive to Robot-Coupe,
ensuring total homogeneity of
processed foodstuffs, even when
small amounts are involved.

Bowl• Tilting bowl making it easier to
• Removable bowl, exclusive to
Robot-Coupe, for hassle-free

Tilting lever Ergonomic lever enabling the
user to tilt the bowl at various
angles, even horizontally.

Wheels 3 retractable wheels
making it easier to move the
appliance in order to clean the
surface underneath.

Frame • 100% stainless-steel with
system of 3 sturdy built-in legs :
– ensuring total stability of the
appliance and risk-free use,
– taking up very little

Power 9000 watts
Voltage 3-Phase
Speed(s) 1500 and 3000 rpm
Bowl capacity 45 litres
Number of pureed food covers From 6 to 30 Kg per operation


Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Crèches, Restaurants


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