Sammic Potato Chipper Machine Hand Operated 8mm Chip

Model Number: CF-5 + 1020065
Brand: Sammic
Dimensions: 280mm Wide x 512mm Deep x 735mm High
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Sammic Robust Hand Operated Potato Chipper

Equipped with a 8mm x 8mm knife block and pusher set. (1020065)


  • Light stainless alloy body: light and strong.
  • Clean cut, without breaching or throw-away and without fatigue.
  • The use of exchangeable knife blocks and pusher sets allows thicknesses of 8mm to be achieved.
  • Controls and nuts and bolts in stainless steel.
  • The pusher ejects the chips and leaves the grid free.
  • Extended handle which provides optimal results with minimal effort.
  • The springs are highly flexible compensators which help to raise the presser-ejector.
  • Equipped with suction feet to provide stability on the work surface.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Knife blocks sold separately


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Specification Sheet (645.97 KB)
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