Sammic Potato Peeler 220/240 kg hr

Model Number: PI-10
Brand: Sammic
Dimensions: 433mm Wide x 635mm Deep x 625mm High

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Sammic® offers a range of potato peelers in aluminium and stainless steel, suitable for all food service establishments such as restaurants, hotels, cafe’s, clubs, pubs, health & aged care facilities, hospitals, contract caterers, mining camps etc.

The batch sizes of the machines range from 6 kgs to 25 kgs and covers from 30 to more than 200. The peeling abrasive used in these machines is highly resistant and long lasting.


  • Construction in stainless steel
  • Side stirrers & aluminium base plate covered with silicon carbide abrasive
  • Aluminium base plate easily removable for cleaning
  • Auto-drag of waste to the drain
  • Transparent polycarbonate cover, complete with locking and safety device
  • Aluminium door with hermetic seal and safety device
  • Waterproof control board (IP65)
  • Water inlet system with non-return air break
  • Capacity per load: >10Kg
  • Output: 200-240Kg/Hr
  • Time per cycle: 0-6min and continuous operation


P/N: 2009223 – Filter No-Foam Feature

P/N: 2009224 – Stainless Steel Floor Stand

The output per model is:
PP-6+ 120/150 kg/hr

PP-12 220/270 kg/hr

M-5 80/100 kg/hr

PI-10 220/240 kg/hr

PI-20 220/270 kg/hr

PI-30 550/600 kg/hr

Optional extras include a stainless steel floor stand (bottom image) and filter with no-foam feature are available for all models.


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