Sammic SE series benchtop Vacuum Packing Machine SE-306

Model Number: SE-306
Brand: Sammic
Dimensions: 384mm Wide x 465mm Deep x 405mm High


SE Range: Benchtop Vacuum Packing Machine- 230V/50-60Hz/1~

SE Sensor Vacuum Packing Machine Range

The “Sensor” range of vacuum packaging machines is made up of robust models which are very easy to use, equipped with a high-precision sensor which controls the vacuum cycle and the Busch pumps, the indisputable leader in vacuum systems.

The Sensor range, developed in order to satisfy the needs of the widest spectrum of users, offers advanced performance due to the use of the sensor and is made up of models with pumps from 4 to 100 m3/h and sealing bars from 280 to 848+848mm.


  • Packaging of raw foods: Vacuum packaging delays bacterial growth in raw foods, keeping their qualities intact for longer
  • Packaging of traditionally cooked products: The packaging of cooked products allows for rationed storage and quickness when serving
  • Sous-vide and low temperature cooking: Cooking using a low temperature is an increasingly popular culinary technique due to its numerous advantages. Vacuum packing the food is a required condition of this technique
  • Freezing of vacuum packed products: As there is no transfer of moisture between the product and the environment, freezing vacuum-packed products keeps the food under optimal preservation conditions
  • Non-food: Vacuum packaging is not only useful for food but also for products that require special protection such as electronics, jewellery, cosmetics, etc.
  • Pump capacity: 6 m3/h
  • Bar length: 320 mm
  • Total loading: 370 W
  • Vacuum pressure (maximum): 2 mbar
  • Pause function to expedite marination
  • Double seal
  • Dry-oil program for drying the pump, prolonging its useful life
  • Working hours counter for oil changes
  • Seal bar 320mm
  • Digital control panel



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