Sammic Sous Vide 14 LTR Premium Water Bath

Model Number: SVC 14
Brand: Sammic
Dimensions: 431mm Wide x 377mm Deep x 290mm High


At Sammic we know that those looking for a machine are looking for a SOLUTION. Therefore, our offer is aimed at finding solutions that can provide the user with advantages in financial, organisational and quality. In developing our offer, rather than machines we think of CONCEPTS or SOLUTIONS to the needs that users may have.

Benefits of Sous Vide Cooking:

  • Produces a tender and tastier product with a better texture
  • Minimal loss of moisture and weight
  • Preservation of flavour and aroma as water soluble substances, especially aromatics are not lost
  • Flavours are enhanced, colours retained and little or no salt is required
  • Nutrients are preserved as water soluble minerals are not leached into cooking water – Cooking Vacuum Sealed food eliminates this
  • Research has shown that sous-vide gives the highest retention of vitamins vs steaming and boiling
  • Little additional oils are required during cooking
  • Consistant results achieved every time a dish is cooked

Operational & Economical Benefits:

  • Allows to prepare dishes in advance, making work organisation easier in peak periods
  • Minimise wastage by advance preparation of controlled portions
  • Low energy consumption compared with ovens
  • Non-use of gas reduces ambient temperature in kitchen and fire risk
  • Several meals from starter to dessert can be regenerated simulataneously in the same bath reducing clean up time
  • With minimal training, unskilled staff can use Sammic sous-vide cooking applicances. The simplifies service and is especially useful for room service during the night
  • Production planning allows the restaurant to offer a wider variety of dishes
  • Minimal shrinkage of contents during the cooking process, typically from 30% to less than 5% on most cases, resulting in a greater yield
  • Cheaper cuts of meat can be used as the sous-vide technique dramatically improves tenderness


14 and 28 litre models with the possibility to use partitions (optional), and a duo bath with two tanks (4 + 22 lt).

Can be fitted in seconds into a standard gastonorm container of different sizes.


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