Santos #18 Fork Dough Mixer With 10 Litre Bowl

Model Number: Santos #18
Dimensions: 350mm Wide x 500mm Deep x 420mm High
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Powerful, Efficient & Durable single fork Dough Mixer ideal for Knead 4Kg (9 lbs) of hard dough within approximately 15 minutes.
Operates like a baker’s dough mixer
Ideal for all kinds of bread and pizzas


  • Heavy duty and silent asynchronous motor: 600W
  • Hellical fork: Powerful and efficient mixing
  • Removable fork for cleaning
  • Transparent cover to work in complete safety
  • Ingredients can be added safely during kneading
  • On/Off switch with safety: Protects the motor in case of overload
  • Bowl rotation is due to natural kneading of the dough
  • Brake for adjusting bowl rotation speed
  • All removable parts can be put in a dishwasher or easily cleaned with hot soapy water
  • Removable 10L bowl
  • Produces approx. 4kg dough
  • Speed 1500 rpm
  • Fork speed: 710 rpm
  • Power: 10 amp single phase


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