Santos Automatic Orange Juicer #32

Model Number: Santos #32
Brand: Santos
Dimensions: 600mm Wide x 410mm Deep x 1026mm High

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This high quality juicer boasts a high precision squeezing system that produces high quality juice without bitterness due to the no contact between the juice and the peel.

Features include:

  • #32: Benchtop model
  • #32T: Stand alone floor model – comes with portable trolley (extra storage space within trolley unit), dispenser & drip tray
  • High hourly yeild: approx 100L/Hr
  • Orange diameter from 60 to 90mm
  • Large Capacity feeding Hopper Approx. 10KG of Oranges
  • Juices 20 oranges per minute
  • Maximum extraction of juice due to patented sqeezing system
  • Automatic unblocking system
  • Automatically cats, squeezes and ejects oranges
  • Accepts all sizes of oranges 60mm to 90mm diameter (adaptor for 40mm to 70mm available)
  • Built in hygenic stainless steel
  • Safety Cut-off switch when opening door
  • Easily Cleaned – Water sprayer included
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