Simply Stainless
1800mm x 600mm Single Sink Bench Left Side Bowl

Model Number: SS05.6.1800L

Dimensions: 1800mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 900mm Height

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The world’s leading range of quality modular stainless steel sinks, tables, benches and shelving covers a whole spectrum of industries - from commercial kitchens and laundries for hotels, restaurants and food service operations, medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical applications to trendy domestic kitchens and laundries.
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Because of our simple philosophy ! QAV
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Tops:                          1.2mm Thick stainless steel, No. 4 finish
Cores:                         3.0mm Zincallume with top hat stiffening
Frames:                       38mm dia. round stainless steel tube, satin polished,1.2mm thick
Undershelves:             1.2mm Thick stainless steel,
No. 4 finish with top hat stiffening
OPTIONAL Pot Rails:  19mm dia. round stainless steel tube, satin polished, 1.2mm thick
OPTIONAL Drawers:   1.2mm Thick stainless steel , No. 4 finish in a 1.2mm thick stainless steel casing
Sink Drain:                   Sink Waste required for all Sink Benches (Not supplied)

Simply Stainless reserve the right to change the specification and design without notice.