Turbochef Eco Rapid Speed Cook Oven

Model Number: Eco
Brand: Turbochef
Dimensions: 409mm Wide x 561mm Deep x 546mm High


Small but 100% TurboChef

The Eco oven is the most energy-efficient TurboChef oven and our smallest footprint – only 16″ wide, 22 inches dee

  • Single motor vertically circulates air impingement
  • Top-launched microwave system
  • Stirrer to help ensure even distribution of air and microwave
  • Integral recirculating catalytic converter for UL® (KNLZ) listed ventless operation
  • External air filtration
  • Smart menu system capable of storing up to 256 recipes
  • Customizable menu settings via Wi-Fi (additional fees apply), USB, or manual entry
  • Flash firmware updates via USB
  • Single or dual-temperature interface
  • Self-diagnostics for monitoring oven components and performance
  • Smart Voltage Sensor Technology (U.S. only)
  • Stackable (requires stacking kit)
  • Includes plug and cord (6 ft. nominal)
  • 15amp single phase
  • Warranty – 1 year parts and labor
  • Powder-coated color options available (additional fees apply):
    • Traffic Red (RAL-3020)
    • Yellow Green (RAL-6018)
    • Pure White (RAL-9010)
    • Jet Black (RAL-9005)
    • Blue (RAL-Custom TurboChef Blue)
Turbo chech Eco

Cook Times

Item Cook Time
Nachos 1 Minute
Breakfast Sandwich 1 Minute 30 Seconds
Flatbread 1 Minute 30 Seconds
Cheese Sticks (6) 1 Minute 50 Seconds
Vegetables 2 Minutes



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