Turbofan H10D Electric Holding Cabinet 10 x 1/1 GN Digital

Model Number: H10D
Dimensions: 610mm Wide x 680mm Deep x 1015mm High

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Turbofan H10D – 10 Tray 1/1 GN Digital Electric Holding Cabinet

Keep all types of food fresh and hot. Turbofan’s new Holding Cabinets are essential for all food service operations, allowing you to serve more covers with less food wasteage. Choose from 8 different models of Holding Cabinet’s based on your capacity of your commercial kitchen

Volume: 0.64m3
Packed Weight: 95.3kg
  • Designed for individual use or installed w Turbofan E33D Convection Ovens
  • 10 1/1 GN pan capacity
  • 74mm / 2 7/8″ tray spacing
  • Compact 610mm 24″ width
  • 1200W cabinet heating
  • Full double skin construction
  • Digital display Temperature and Timer controls
  • Electronic temperature control
  • 3 hold timers
  • Continuous door seal
  • Low velocity circulation fan system
  • Dual halogen cabinet interior lamps


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Specification Download (219.94 KB)