Turbofan P85M8 Manual Electric Prover & Holding Cabinet

Model Number: P85M8
Dimensions: 910mm Wide x 880mm Deep x 1789mm High

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Turbofan P85M8 – Prover / Holding Cabinet – Full Size 8 Tray Electric / Manual
Volume: Proofer = 1.05m3
Packed Weight: Proofer = 133kg
  • Designed for individual use or installed w Turbofan E35 Convection Ovens
  • 8 x 406mm x 736mm / 18″ x 29″ tray capacity
  • 76mm tray spacing
  • 910mm width
  • Single phase connection
  • Dual function Prover and Holding Cabinet
  • Low velocity circulation fan system
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • Humidity level control
  • Auto water fill system with optional integrated water filter kit



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Specification Download (229.98 KB)