Waldorf Bold RNLB8100G-B Gas Target Top – Low Back Bench Model

Model Number: RNLB8100G-B
Dimensions: 900mm Wide x 805mm Deep x 372mm High
Waldorf Bold

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The Waldorf Bold series takes a new aesthetic approach, offering a sleek, seductive and sophisticated appeal

Waldorf Bold RNLB8100G-B – 900mm Gas Target Top Low Rear Splash Back Version – Bench Top Model
Volume: 0.55m3
Packed Weight: 223kg
Product Features
  • 900mm gas target top bench model
  • 45MJ/hr dual ring cast iron burner
  • Flame failure protection and continuous pilot burner
  • Heavy-duty reinforced control knobs
  • Adjustable feet and 2 additional rollers
  • Easy clean, installation and service
  • Waldorf Bold option
  • Default colour is black and other colour options are available




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Specification Download (341.33 KB) Bold Series Brochure (1.85 MB)