Norris IM65 Vertical Commercial Potwasher

Model Number: IM65

Dimensions: 720mm wide x 780mm deep x 1700mm - 1760mm high

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The IM65 commercial potwasher is designed to be ergonomically pleasing yet able to take care of the larger items found inside a kitchen. With a 650mm opening, it is ready to take on the largest of commercial kitchen pots and trays.

It is never easy juggling dirty dishes and busy kitchen workflows - pot washing, in particular, can become a logistic nightmare especially if you do not have the resources to clean them. When manually cleaning is no longer an option it's time to consider the benefits of a commercial pot washer.

The IM65 is a compact washer with a lot of heart.

There is simply no job too big for the IM65 commercial pot washer. Compact, yet with the capacity and power to deal with the largest pots and trays your likely to find in and around your kitchen.

Baked on grease and grime, no problem - the IM65 commercial pot washer features powerful wash and rinse elements capable of powering through the toughest of stains. Simple push-button operation and automatic detergent, rinse aid and self-diagnostic systems designed to take the chore out of washing, your pots emerge sparkly clean and sanitary.

Operating the Norris IM65 commercial pot washer is a breeze, featuring four washing cycles of 2,4, 6 & 12 minutes, up to 30 loads per hour - making it easier to turnaround smaller loads quickly, saving your time, increasing proficiency and saving on water consumption.

Featuring a handmade stainless steel cabinet with double-skinned doors designed to filter out noise and reduce heat. Inside the washer, the stainless steel wash and rinse arms further add to the durability of this machine. Overall the Norris IM65 is built to withstand the tough knocks you’d expect in any busy kitchen.


  • Warranty - 3 years on the control board, 1 year parts and labour on the remainder of the machine
  • Energy saving modeAutomatic Detergent & Rinse Aid
  • Large 550 x 610 basket
  • Self-Diagnostic system
  • 2, 4, 6 & 12 minute cycles
  • Low water consumption 4L per rack
  • Quick ready function
  • Double skinned door

Loads/Hour            Up to 30*
Wash Pump           1400W
Rinse Pump           200W
Detergent               Yes
Rinse Aid                Yes
Time Cycle              2, 4, 6 or 12 Min
Drain                       Gravity
Water per rack        4L
Usable Height         670mm
Electrical Supply     400v/50Hz/3N
Size                         W720 D780 H1700 - 1760