Zanolli Synthesis 08/50 Gas Conveyor Oven 20 inch On Stand

Model Number: 1SV4402B+2SV2A07 (Stand)
Brand: Zanolli
Dimensions: 1750mm Wide x 1260mm Deep x 1070mm High

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Zanolli Synthesis 20 Inch Gas Impingment Conveyor Oven On Stand

Synthesis Impingement Conveyor Ovens are the first ventilated tunnel ovens designed, patented and produced in Italy.
All Synthesis ovens are stackable so you can step up your productivity to meet peak demand.  You can also save on energy by using just one baking module.

  • Constructed entirely from stainless steel.
  • Double glazed full width inspection door.
  • Easy access for thorough cleaning.
  • Cooling system for external parts that can be touched.
  • Omnidirectional wheels with brakes (when stand purchased)
  • Conveyor belt with variable speed down to a complete halt.
  • Fine tuning of the ventilation flow as jets of hot air completely wrap the product as it moves along the wire mesh conveyer giving an evenly cooked result time after time
  • All Synthesis ovens are stackable so you can step up your productivity to meet peak demand
  • Temperature can be reached in 20 minutes via BRP (power regulation) system.
  • Management of 10 cooking programs: for each program you can set the cooking time, and temperature
  • Economy function keeps the oven at a lower temperature if it doesn’t need to be operated at full working temperature.
  • Temperature (balanced temperature detection from 2 probes)
  • Timer for programmed start, digital clock and self diagnostics
  • Maximum silence of the mesh conveyor system and ventilation motor system
  • The maximum temperature is 320°Cis more than sufficient to get perfect results thanks to the efficiencies of the ventilation system.
  • Max power; 450 Watts
  • Weight. 200kg
  • Plug supplied: yes (10amps)
  • Gas; 55 MJ/h Natural gas, 50 LPG Gas
  • Conveyor width: 20″ (500mm)
  • Conveyor length; 1670mm
  • Chamber length; 850mm
  • Working Temperature; 320°c Max
  • Timer Range; 1:45-30 min or complete halt
  • Warranty; 4 year parts & 2 years labour warranty


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