Skope Fridges Perth

Practical Products Perth WA stock the complete range of SKOPE fridges including:

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SKOPE is renowned for their state of the art refrigeration technology that is designed for every catering business, whether small scale convenience stores, bars and cafes to large commercial kitchens, bakeries, restaurants and hotels; and everything in between.

Who uses SKOPE refrigeration?

  •     Commercial Kitchens
  •     Restaurants
  •     Cafes
  •     Bars
  •     Fast Food Outlets
  •     Commercial Caterers
  •     Supermarkets
  •     Convenience Stores
  •     Service Stations
  •     Entertainment and Convention Centres
  •     Sports Stadiums
  •     Airports
  •     Clubs
  •     Casinos
  •     Hospitals
  •     Hotels & Resorts
  •     Retirement Communities
  •     Government Offices
  •     Universities & Colleges

Why choose SKOPE Refrigeration?

International Reputation

World renowned for innovative design and manufacturing excellence.


With over 45 years experience producing the best performing, highest quality products in the market. 

Comprehensive range

A large product range focussed on delivering exceptional value, unrivalled performance, superior reliability and fit for purpose products across many industry sectors.


SKOPE's ongoing research and an integrated approach to the design and engineering process, results in products that both are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

Energy Efficiency

A key company value is minimising the environmental impact, so SKOPE continue to lead the way in developing greater energy efficient solutions for their products.


SKOPE operate a dedicated project team, working with all parties to identify and deliver the right commercial refrigeration solution on time and within budget, coupled with ongoing support and expert training.


To compliment their quality product reputation, SKOPE stand behind our products with a superior warranty programme and after care support, so you can depend on SKOPE during the service life of your SKOPE product.

Energy Use
  • SKOPE's patented Cyclone refrigeration technology delivers excellent refrigeration results and maximum energy efficiencies Skope only use CFC- free refrigerants
  • SKOPE products are MEPS tested and rated for their energy performance standards
  • SKOPE can customise most aspects of our cabinets to suit particular requirements
  • Exceptional product performance means food and beverage safety standards are not compromised
  • SKOPE are certified to ISO 9001 quality standards- ensuring best product quality