Festive BC6 Self Serve Bakery Display Fridge

Model Number: BC6

Dimensions: 600mm wide x 890mm deep x 1630mm high

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Height: 1630mm.  A fully integrated self-serve cabinet range that makes an impact in any location and allows displayed food to simply look great. With the base raised to 700mm, front and rear sliding doors, an integrated tray race with inset tong holder and bag holder; this cabinet is ideal for high traffic bakeries and cafeterias designed around self-service.


  • GlassMax minimalist canopy (more glass/less frame) that maximises the visibility of displayed food from all angles
  • Mitrex frame that is flush welded with mitred joins to give both robustness and a designer finish
  • ClearView front and top glass for condensation control
  • Integra tray race integrated into base: with removable bag holder and tong holder
  • Four food display levels: three shelves plus bottom trays; offering more extensive display area than comparable cabinets
  • CrumbCatch feature in bottom trays that collects falling crumbs and food
  • Refrigeration optimised to provide a high humidity environment that maintains food quality for longer
  • DuraCoat protective coating over the refrigeration coil to prevent food acid corrosion
  • SureVap self-evaporating system for condensate—no drain required
  • SlimLED under-shelf LED strip lighting with 12V safety
  • Front and Rear sliding  doors
  • Supplied with 10amp single phase plug
  • On Castor Wheels making it easy moving for cleaning