Model Number: PRINCE - FORP9TR400
Brand: GAM
Dimensions: 1520mm Wide x 1810mm Deep x 580mm High

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The PRINCE is the only oven in the world with the Pizza Recall System™. Touch the Interactive Display and the refractory stone will turn and bring back the Requested pizza in front of the door of the baking chamber.
Touch the display and the refractory stone will rotate and bring the required pizza to the front of the door of the baking chamber – Interactive Touch Screen with Pizza Recall System (PRS)
Perfect Heat Distribution : 100% consistency guaranteed.
Shorter cooking times: 25% Extra Production.
Efficiency :180 x 34cm (13”) Pizzas per hour.
Labour Costs : PRS System + Customised Cooking Controls means you save time and money.
Control :Complete control of every aspect of your product. Perfect it.
Energy Efficency :Innovative Heat Loss Technologies together with Economy modes means enormous energy savings.


  • Bakes 9 x 34cm pizzas at a time – stores 9 baking programs.
  • Latest technology in Static relays, together with state-of the-art software, are installed on a microchip on the electronic board allowing the user to customise baking with ease and versatility.
  • Entire oven is made of stainless steel – Elegant (no welding visible).
  • Double glazing of the glass door along with a sealing fibre gasket for high temperature prevents burn and reduces any heat loss through the window.
  • The PRINCE Oven is insulated with Rock-wool and ceramic fibre, ensuring minimal heat loss and maximum Energy efficiency.
  • Economy mode saves 50% electricity consumption during off peak times.
  • The PRINCE distributes proportionally the energy absorptions for the expected workload through power regulation for the top and bottom via the electronic control. This allows a gradual attainment of the requested temperature.
  • Double Advantage – perfectly distributed heat and huge energy saving costs.
  • The PRINCE has a Dual control system that indicates any malfunction. It has top and bottom heat control and digital shutters for exhaust fumes.
  • Other features include auto-mode to set the time, timer and alarm, temperature indicator and perfectly flat refractory stone.
  • PRINCE is also easy to move and transport, the stand can be tipped 90° allowing the oven to go through a 79cm wide Door.
  • Exhaust Canopy showned in Picture is OPTIONAL EXTRA



Inside Dimensions:   1300mm Ø
External Dimensions : (1520 W x 1810 D x 580 H)
Capacity:   9 pizzas, 34cm
Working Thermostat : 40 – 500 °C
Weight: 600 Kg
Warranty: 2  Years  Parts  &  Labour  


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