Roband 18.5 amp Griddle

Model Number: G700
Brand: Roband
Dimensions: 725mm Wide x 530mm Deep x 260mm High

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Roband Griddles are the perfect machine for precisely cooking your steaks, eggs, bacon or hamburgers.

The plates are thermostatically controlled to deliver fast and precise temperature. The compact G400 Griddle is perfect for small outlets or where space is at a premium, whilst the G700 Griddle is a larger, dual control machine designed for busy kitchens.


  • 8mm thick steel cooking plate for superior heat retention
  • Thermostatic control for precise cooking temperature
  • Dual thermostat control on the G700 machine for independent control of left and right side of the machine
  • Compacted cooking plate elements with superior clamping for fast temperature recovery and reliable temperature control
  • Forward positioned grease gutter and integrated, side positioned grease collection box which securely holds hot waste grease and is easily removable for cleaning
  • 18.4 AMPS  4240 Watts

**Installation must be carried out by a licensed electrician. For this reason, the G700 model does not come with a plug and cord.
The decision on connection options should be made under consultation with your electrician. Can be wired for Single Phase or
2 phase + n. We recommend using more than 1 phase for this machine as multiple phases will help evenly balance load and will reduce stress on product components. Dimensions include grease box.



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Specification Sheet & Brochure (2.84 MB)