Zip Economaster Freestanding Chilled Water Dispenser With Bubbler & Carafe Filler 60 Glass S/S

Model Number: EM1505-1
Brand: Zip
Dimensions: 350mm Wide x 350mm Deep x 903mm High

ZIP Water Chillers & Boilers Perth WA

ZIP ECONOMASTER with Bubbler & Carafe filler

Economaster 60 BCF SS 2019


Zip EconoMaster® Instant Chilled drinking water. Free-standing upright chiller with heavy duty, easy-to-clean bowl and case perfect for factories, work sites and site sheds



• Standard unfiltered; optional filter kit available.
• Low cost alternative for factories etc.
• 12 litre/hour capacities (60 Glasses per hour)
• Stainless Steel case
Heavy duty easy clean bowl


Case – Stainless Steel finish

Tap – Bubbler & Carafe filler

Capacity – 60 Glasses/12 litres per hour (7°C – 12°C)

Water Pressure – Min 80kPa – Max 500kPa

Water connection – 12.7mm BSP

Water Valves – NA


Drain -Integral 40mm PVC S & P Trap

Power- 10 amp GPO 220-240V 50/60Hz

Product approvals – WaterMark, CE, ARC

Warranty – 1 year