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Rational is the Only Intelligent Combi Oven Cooking Centre that Senses, Recognises, Learns and Communicates with you, whilst you cook. Rational Combi Ovens are available in 6 tray, 10 tray, 20 tray and 40 tray combinations for both the electric ovens and gas oven versions.
Rational guarantees the perfect result every time with the Combi Oven Self Cooking Centre technology, that at the touch of a button, prepares food exactly as you want it. The Rational Cooking System senses and recognises sizes, load quantity and condition of the product.  It calculates the appropriate browning of food by itself.  Depending on the desired result, adjustments to the temperature, cooking time, airspeed, and cooking cabinet climate are all made by the Combi Oven to best suit your dish requirements.
These intelligent Combi Oven’s will recognise requirements and save them as your preference, which is then always accessible at the touch of a button.  You can always rely on the oven to do exactly as you desire, which frees up time to complete other tasks, whilst always being in control of varying the cooking.
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