Wok Burners

Commercial Wok Burners

Commercial Wok Burners & Wok Cookers for Asian Cooking are designed for the rapid cooking of large quantities of Asian dishes, meats, noodles & vegetables in a busy commercial kitchen.

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LUUS Waterless Wok 2 Chimney Burner

Practical Products Perth WA specialised in Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Perth WA customers for 36 years, we stock all-quality commercial Cooking Equipment brands, Waldorf, Blue Seal, Cobra, Goldstein, Electrolux Professional, LUUS, Trueheat, American Range, Garland, Unox & more, Whether you need of a Commercial Wok Burner for a Asian Restaurant, supermarket, Lunch Bar, Mining Camp Kitchen, Hospital Kitchen or any commercial Kitchen in the Hospitality & catering business, we have the right freezer for your business!

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