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Ice Crusher Machines, a commercial ice crusher machine is an essential item for pubs, bars or restaurants serving ice cold cocktails, fruit juices or refreshing soft drinks to their customers.

Cube or bullet-shaped ice made by an Ice Maker is usually quite large, which means it can take longer to chill drinks.

An electric ice crusher will break down these cubes with ease, providing instant access to smaller chunks of ice that will cool drinks much faster.Strong, durable and reliable, professional ice crushers are made tough with the needs of the catering industry firmly in mind.

Santos #53 Ice Crusher

Practical Products Perth WA specialising in ice Making machines & Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Perth WA customers for 36 years, we stock all-quality commercial Ice Maker brands, Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, HoshizakiBrema, Manitowoc, Follett, & Icematic, whether you need an Ice Crusher for Bar, Restaurant, Hospital Kitchen or any commercial Kitchen in the Hospitality & catering business, we have the right Product for your business!

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  • Caeda V90 Ice Crusher
  • Santos #53 Ice Crusher
  • Scotsman CRUSHMAN 360 - 6kg/min - Ice Crusher
    CRUSHMAN 360