OEM Pizza Dough Divider Rounder

Model Number: OEM BM 2 AS
Brand: OEM
Dimensions: 765mm Wide x 765mm Deep x 1450mm High
Portioning or Portioning / Rounding

Depending on the requirements of any customer, you can use the OEM machines to portion the mixing dough loafs (Dough Divider, model BM/2) or portion and round (Dough Divider and Rounder, model BM/2/AS), according to the chosen weight in grams (from a minimum of 50g to a maximum of 300g).

The volumetric Dough Divider and Rounder BM/2/AS is a complete machine to make portions and round automatically the dough mixing loaf.

Continuous process portioning

The BM/2/AS was the first continuous process portions making and rounding machine, designed for the pizzerias world with cooled loaf leavening.

You introduce up to 30-35 kg unleavened dough in the top hopper and choose the appropriate cone and bell according to the wished weight, the portions you obtain are well dosed and rounded, ready for the following leavening phase.

The loaf weight can be between 50 and 300 g with a maximal tolerance of 10%.

The spread depends on the weight of the chosen portion and on the weight of the dough remaining in the hopper. To keep the same pressure at very good levels, the ideal production process provides for the steady supply of dough during the process. To give to the obtained balls more homogeneity and compactness, is advisable, especially in case of cooled processing, a second working only in the rounding machine.

The BM/2/AS is delivered with standard equipment of 1 cone and 1 bell. The productivity per hour reaches 1200 balls/hour.

  • Tank capacity; 30kg
  • Electrical: 415v, three phase, 10 amp




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