Lincoln 1154 Impinger II Fastbake Gas Full Belt Triple deck Pizza Conveyor Oven

Model Number: 1154-3
Brand: Lincoln
Dimensions: 1422mm Wide x 991mm Deep x 1575mm High

Lincoln Gas or Electric Commercial Conveyor Ovens


Lincoln – 1154-NG

The Lincoln 1154-NG Impinger II Fastbake™ Conveyor Oven is the perfect solution for small to medium pizza shops as well as restaurants, hotels, pubs or clubs with a pizza menu available. With its patented Fastbake™ technology reducing bake times by up to 30%, and offering users a streamlined platform that drastically decreases time and labour, it’s no wonder the Lincoln range of pizza ovens have won Best In Class for 14 years straight!

Key features:
  • Features a 1422mm long conveyor belt, 711mm long baking chamber & stainless steel body
  • 121°-300°C temperature range with adjustable cooking time from 1-30 minutes
  • Front-loading access door & digital control panel for ease of use
  • Stackable up to three ovens high for maximum outputs through minimal space requirements
  • Natural gas model
  • Air Impingement technology cooks food 2-4 times faster than conventional ovens
  • FastBake™ Technology reduces bake time by 15-30%, drastically improving speed of service
  • Front removable conveyor for improved cleaning in tight spaces
  • Improved product flow during cooking reduces operation costs
  • Conveyor Ovens reduce the need for constant tending, reducing safety risks & labour costs


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