Gam Fox series electric Deck Oven Fits 6 x 34cm Pizza per Chamber

Model Number: FOX66
Brand: GAM
Dimensions: 1000mm Wide x 1270mm Deep x 790mm High

GAM FOX 66 Twin Deck Pizza Oven With Refractory Stone Base- Narrow Design – 12 x 34cm pizzas

The Fox series Brings an affordable & Economical Stone deck Pizza oven Range to the market without any compromise on Quality or working results. The Fox has simple and durable electromechanical controls and can reach a temperature of 450 Degrees with ease. The front is made of stainless steel and the baking chamber of aluminium coated iron.It has refractory stone at the bottom.

  • Advanced visual control panel offers complete customization and versatility of all baking parameters including auto-pilot start up mode, Economy Functions, exhaust discharge adjustments, 9 baking programs & top and bottom heating control.
  • Quickly reaches working tem-perature of 300
  • Double glazed glass door along with sealing fiber chamber gaskets & glass fiber insulation prevents burn, reduces any heat loss and allows the user to bake with the door open.
  • Economy mode forces the ceiling and floor resistors to switch on limiting the required power by 50%.
  • Fully constructed in high grade (AISI) 304 stainless steel.
  • Well lit interior chamber light.
  • No Gap Refractory Stone ensures no difficult-to-clean spots where flour and cheese can get stuck, burn and ruin the taste of the pizza.
  • Modular so can be stacked up to 3 units high.
  • KING is the only oven in the world baking with the innovative IWOS


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