Gam IKARO Spiral Dough Mixer 50 Litre Bowl Liftable Head

Model Number: IKARO 50LT
Brand: GAM
Dimensions: 480mm Wide x 800mm Deep x 870mm High

GAM Ikaro 50 Liftable Head Dough Mixer

The IKARO spiral mixer is the first liftable head dough mixer in the world with a hooking system shaped like wings. This hooking system can be lowered or lifted to hook or unhook the head to the body of the machine within seconds.

The IKARO doesn’t have a handle that has to be tediously screwed and unscrewed every time the bowl needs be removed and furthermore will not start if the head is not perfectly closed (avoiding the frequent damage to the gears common with other models).

This Innovative head/body hooking system enhances resistance, extends machine life and saves the operator a considerable amount of time and effort. The system guarantees minimal shaking and vibration, ensuring components wear less and last longer.

  • Innovative head/body hooking system enhancing resistance, extending machine life and saving operator time.
  • Hooking system ensures Minimal shaking and vibration enabling the components to wear less and last longer.
  • The bowls, wire lid and the dough breakers are made of 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel and the kneading hook made of hand-forged stainless steel.
  • Heavy Duty Chain Driven Head and Bowl operation.
  • Timer controlled.
  • 25kg (dry flour capacity).
  • 38kg (finished dough).
  • 450 x 300mm (bowl dimensions).
  • Includes castors with brakes.


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