Mareno ANPC78G Gas Pasta Cooker Twin Pan 2 x 28Lt

Model Number: ANPC78G
Brand: Mareno
Dimensions: 800mm Wide x 730mm Deep x 900mm High

Mareno Logo

  • Mareno 70 Series Pasta Cooker
  • Featuring twin Pan 2 x 28Lt gas pasta cooker.
  • Stainless steel build with deep drawn tanks and rounded edges for easy cleaning.
  • Switch for fast filling or automatic top-up of water by means of solenoid valve.
  • Fast fill up or auto top-up
  • Gas 76mj
  • 0.1 kw
  • 1.5mm thick tops
  • Safety level switch
  • User freindly controls
  • Fast & efficient heat transfer through gas Burner or electric element



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