Culinaire Solid Door Banquet Cart 128 x 10

Model Number: CH.BC.28P

Dimensions: 1309mm wide x 779mm deep x 1814mm high

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The Culinaire® Banquet Cart uses a unique heating system that incorporates gentle radiant heat.

The gentle radiant heat prevents food from drying out, which can happen in standard designs or those with fan-forced circulation. There is no water required and because the food is retaining its natural moisture it maintains flavour and consistency. With fully sealed interiors and concealed elements, the carts are hygienic and easy to clean. Size and capacity varies according to model. Options: Additional chrome wire shelves and tray slides (sold separately).


  • Half height or Full height Banquest Carts
  • Holds 128 off 10" (154mm) Plated Meals
  • Available with or without bumpers
  • Designed for the storage and transportation of a wide variety of pre-­cooked meals in G/N pans or plated meals
  • Unique heater blanket system promotes minimal moisture loss in product due to even gentle and motionless heat
  • Easy to slide Crisp/Moist vents to control humidity ensure foods stay fresh longer while reducing waste and allowing for proven menu favorites to be held ahead of peak serving periods
  • Heavy duty non marking swivel casters two with brakes with a wraparound non-­marking bumper

  • Ideal for Banquet Situations or for extra kitchen heated storage (Food MUST BE HEATED ABOVE 65°C before being placed in Banquet Cart
  • Easy to use digital Display, Preset to +80°c from Factory
  • Electrical connection; 10amp Plug & lead fitted