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Gas Bratt Pans

Gas Bratt Pans, Practical Products are professional sellers of Bratt Pans in Perth WA.

A Bratt Pan is designed for large scale commercial cooking and most commonly found in hotels, hospitals, Mass Production Kitchen and restaurants.

With a variety of cooking functions such as boiling, poaching, braising, steaming, shalllow frying, deep-fat frying, stewing and roasting, the Bratt Pan is a versatile item of equipment used in the hospitality and catering industry.

Goldstein 100 Litre electric Bratt Pan

Cooking cuisine with a multi-function method is a breeze in a Bratt Pan, just brown off the meat and vegetables with the fry temperature setting, then add liquid and reduce the heat to simmer with the lid closed, to gently braise. With the option of Electric or Gas, all Bratt Pan have a tilting function and varying models can be operated manually or automatically for the most serious of bulk cooking in Commercial Kitchens Perth WA.

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