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Bonn Microwave Ovens is one of the most respected brands in commercial microwave ovens here in Perth WA.

More than 20,000 food outlets Australia wide currently rely on a Bonn for their heating requirements such as Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Snack Bars, Hotels, Schools, Universities and Fast Food Outlets.

Food Laboratories and even soil and mineral testing labs are all home to Bonn Commercial MicrowaveOvens. Protect your investment by purchasing the highest quality best performing commercial microwave ovens available at our Practical Products Perth showroom.

Bonn High Performance Commercial Microwave 1400watt

Practical Products Perth WA specialised in Commercial Kitchen Equipment for Perth WA customers for 36 years, we stock all-quality commercial Cooking Equipment brands, Waldorf, Blue Seal, Cobra, Goldstein, Electrolux Professional, LUUS, Trueheat, American Range, Garland, Unox & more, Whether you need of a Commercial Microwave for a Cafe, Restaurant, supermarket, Lunch Bar, Mining Camp Kitchen, Hospital Kitchen or any commercial Kitchen in the Hospitality & catering business, we have the right freezer for your business!

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  • Bonn Light Duty Commercial Microwave 900watt
  • Bonn CM-1051T
  • Bonn Heavy Duty Commercial Microwave 1200watt