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Skope ITV Ice Maker Head

Skope ITV Ice Maker Head, SPIKA Series offers the “Classic American” style of ice available in full and half dice shaped cubes, that will meet the most stringent demands of the food service industry.

A new revolutionary system for water distribution, patented by ITV, allows water to “cascade” over the entire evaporator, allowing SPIKA cubes to take form perfectly.

Skope ITV iCE Queen Ice Granular Wet Head IQ 200 A

The Vertical Plate Evaporator, specially designed by ITV’s engineers is much more energy efficient than others, resulting in lower operating cost and greater savings, while maintaining the utmost environmental  friendliness.

Beverages are chilled in a very short time while not affecting the taste. The SPIKA Series meets the most demanding requirements with fast ice production.  Browse the range below and call Practical Products Perth WA for a quote today!

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  • Skope ITV Spika MS410 A HD Ice Cube Maker Head only
    MS220 A HD
  • Skope ITV Spika MS410 A FD Ice Cube Maker Head only
    MS410 A FD