Bromic IM0032SSC Under Counter Ice Maker Solid Cube 31kg Production

Model Number: IM0032SSC
Dimensions: 485mm Wide x 575mm Deep x 810mm High

Ice Machine Self-Contained 31kg Solid Cube IM0032SSC

Bromic’s Self-Contained 31kg Solid Cube Ice Machine provides premium quality cubes that are perfect for beverage-focused applications. Individually creating large, crystal clear cubes that maximise liquid displacement while cooling quickly, this self-contained unit excels underneath or above counters and are available in a range of sizes.

Bromic Solid Cube
  • 31kg production per 24 hour rated at air temp 10°c – water temperature 10°c
  • Storage capacity: 17kg
  • Please note production of ice is measured with an ambient temperature of 10°C and water temperature of 10°C.
  • Production may fluctuate based on both ambient and water temperatures.
  • Maximum ambient rating 40°c
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Heavy duty machine
  • Hygenic & clean
  • Removable legs
  • Easy installation
  • Power required: 10amp single phase
  • ICE CUBE SIZE: 22mm diameter x 22mm high
Note: *For Warranty Compliance the water filter is to be replaced 6 monthly
*For prolonged life a service is recommended 6 monthly


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